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AUSTRALIA KNOG PLUGGER Twinpack Front (350LM) & Rear Light (10LM)

AUSTRALIA KNOG PLUGGER Twinpack Front (350LM) & Rear Light (10LM)

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The Plugger Twinpack is a light set inspired by Knog’s roots, and comes in overmolded soft touch TPU (rubber like material). The Plugger Twinpack includes a powerful 350 lumen front light and is paired with a 10 lumen rear light.

Packed with innovative touches like a low battery indicator, cut-outs in the front light body for improved side visibility, and like all Knog bike lights, both the front and rear lights are fully USB rechargeable.

Designed to work with all genres of bicycles from commuters to road bikes, each light in the set also comes with two different sized silicone bands for securing it to handlebars, seat stays, and of course, seatposts.

The Plugger Twinpack is perfect as an every-day light set.


(photos courtesy of Australia KNOG)


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