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Japan MONTBELL Ultralight Travel Umbrella (86g)

Japan MONTBELL Ultralight Travel Umbrella (86g)

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Our compact umbrellas are the ideal companion; stow them away in your daypack, luggage, or car. This light weight parasol possesses a small footprint when stored, but repels all but the worst precipitation. Clever mountaineers, international travelers, and backpackers recognize that a small handy umbrella provides simple breathable rain protection during a flash storm. We all start our day with hopes for "blue bird" conditions, but only the wise are prepared for a curveball from Mother Nature.


Material: Canopy: 7-denier Ballistic Airlight® nylon (water repellent finish)
Upper shaft: iron
Lower two shafts: aluminum
Weight: 86g
Open diameter: 88cm
Folded length: 26cm


About Ballistic Airlight®

Ballistic Airlight® is made using the same nylon polymer as our Ballistic® material and a highly technical production process to create extremely fine, super thin threads. These threads are then woven into ultralight, gossamer fabrics that share the same characteristics as Ballistic®: one and a half times more abrasion resistance than other similar weight fabrics and boasts three times the tear strength of nylons that are almost 20% heavier. Additionally, Ballistic Airlight® is often woven using different techniques to create fabrics with radically different characteristics, such as fabrics that allow the garment to stretch or fabrics that "breathe" to release built up heat and moisture.

Safety Warnings (38-134)

- Do NOT press the button on the runner when opening the umbrella. Press the button to close the umbrella.
- Gently push and store the handle. May damage the umbrella if pushed strongly.
- Umbrella may become damaged if used during strong winds.
- Due to the use of ultralight fabric, the canopy requires special care. Be careful of sharp objects and open umbrella gently.
- Umbrella ribs are pointed and may be sharp.
- During use, be mindful of your surroundings and other people in the area.
- Do NOT use if ribs or handle is damaged.
- Do NOT swing or wave around.

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