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Japan MONTBELL Long Tail Trekking Umbrella

Japan MONTBELL Long Tail Trekking Umbrella

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The ideal model for trekking in the rain, as the longer fabric in the rear side helps prevent your backpack from getting wet.

  • Material: [Fabric] 10-denier Ballistic® Airlight nylon [DWR] POLKATEX® DWR treatment
  • Weight: 140g
  • Open diameter: 92cm
  • Folded length: 29cm

    About Ballistic Airlight®

    Ballistic Airlight® is made using the same nylon polymer as our Ballistic® material and a highly technical production process to create extremely fine, super thin threads. These threads are then woven into ultralight, gossamer fabrics that share the same characteristics as Ballistic®: one and a half times more abrasion resistance than other similar weight fabrics and boasts three times the tear strength of nylons that are almost 20% heavier. Additionally, Ballistic Airlight® is often woven using different techniques to create fabrics with radically different characteristics, such as fabrics that allow the garment to stretch or fabrics that "breathe" to release built-up heat and moisture.
    Safety Warnings (38-134)
    • Do NOT press the button on the runner when opening the umbrella. Press the button to close the umbrella.
    • Gently push and store the handle. It may damage the umbrella if pushed strongly.
    • Umbrella may become damaged if used during strong winds.
    • Due to the use of ultralight fabric, the canopy requires special care. Be careful of sharp objects and open the umbrella gently.
    • Umbrella ribs are pointed and may be sharp.
    • During use, be mindful of your surroundings and other people in the area.
    • Do NOT use if ribs or handle is damaged.
    • Do NOT swing or wave around.


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