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JAPAN MONTBELL Rechargeable Cycling Power Light | 500LM

JAPAN MONTBELL Rechargeable Cycling Power Light | 500LM

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Product Description

A bright, USB-rechargeable front light for bicycles. Features 6 lighting modes, including Auto Mode that provides hands-free safety in changing light such as in and out of tunnels. A rubber band enables one-touch installation and is compatible with a wide range of frame diameters. IPX-4 water resistant.


Material: Aluminum alloy
Weight: 63 g
Auto mode switches steady and flashing light, providing hands-free safety
Compatible diameter: 18-48 mm
USB cable included
<6 lighting setting>
Lumen / Burn time
HIGH: 500 lm/ 1 hr, MID: 250 lm/ 2 hrs, LOW: 150 lm/ 4.5 hrs, Flash: 80 lm/ 20 hrs, Daytime flash: 650 lm/ 8 hrs, Auto: 150 - 600 lm/ 2 - 8 hrs
Battery: 1,100 mAh 3.6 V Lithium ion battery
Water resistance: IPX 4
Size: 2.4 x 3.3 x 7.1 cm


(Photo courtesy of Japan Montbell)

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