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Japan MONTBELL Travel Sun Block Umbrella

Japan MONTBELL Travel Sun Block Umbrella

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Product Description

This small handy umbrella provides simple, breathable rain protection and shades you from the sun's UV rays. Smaller and lighter than the hot weather focused Sun Block Umbrella, the Travel Sun Block Umbrella is perfect for users that want UV protection that can store easily in your backpack.


Material: Canopy: 20-denier polyester (polyurethane coating, water repellent finish)
Upper shaft: iron
Lower two shaft: aluminum
Weight: 130g
Cut 99.7% of UV rays
Opened Diameter: 88 cm / 34.6 in
Extended Shaft Length:50 cm / 19.7 in
Folded length: 26 cm / 10.2 in
Number of ribs: 6


Safety Warnings (38-134)

- Do NOT press the button on the runner when opening the umbrella. Press the button to close the umbrella.
- Gently push and store the handle. May damage the umbrella if pushed strongly.
- Umbrella may become damaged if used during strong winds.
- Due to the use of ultralight fabric, the canopy requires special care. Be careful of sharp objects and open umbrella gently.
- Umbrella ribs are pointed and may be sharp.
- During use, be mindful of your surroundings and other people in the area.
- Do NOT use if ribs or handle is damaged.
- Do NOT swing or wave around.


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