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JAVA X1 Carbon Fiber Foldable Bike | Shimano 18 speed

JAVA X1 Carbon Fiber Foldable Bike | Shimano 18 speed

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Weight: 9.8kg

Configuration details
【Carbon fiber frame + front fork】: 16" carbon fiber folding frame
【Folding handle】: carbon fiber folding car handle
【Handlebar】: Decaf
【Seat tube clamp】: KC80
【Seat post】: SP-368 31.8*550 laser marking
【Seat tube reducing sleeve】: aluminum material
Seat cushion 1011-C020 ED bow without clip light DECA standard
【Wheel set】: 349-D 40 24H uniform hole 40 DECAF titanium color
【Inner and outer tires】: CST 60TPI
【Front derailleur】: DECAF
【Rear derailleur】: SHIMANO ALTUS
【Crankset】: Decaf
【Flywheel】: HR10-9N-K028/CS-11-28T 9S ROAD
【Chain】: Z9 108L
【Brake lever】: CL335-RT
【Clamp】: HB-105(F)/D
【Pedal】: V-895T 2NB/L P-M655S boron steel shaft
【Rim】: J14KA 16*1-3/8*1 4G*24H*349 FIV 40mm high DECAF
【Spoke】: 14G steel wire 133MM/120MM
【Before and after the hub】: Decaf
Tire PSi: 45-55 

    (photos courtesy of JAVA)

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